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Anyway, the steps to configure your router are similar to any service that you port forward to your machine. Here is a very useful tutorial for DD-WRT (open software for routers). In order to wake up a comp from the Internet, you need a router that can pass the package.

Dsl reports has a nice utility to send WOL over internet.

My Edgerouter gets the traffic on the specified port and automatically sends a magic packet to wake up the server, so that I cn access it.

- Allow for multiple configurations of devices to be woken.

- Send single packet on port 7 (can be configured for port 9) to the specified mac address.

- Help screen to explain how APP is to be used The app do its job, but wish there will be some improvements. Able to show the top system status bar on mobile version 2. From to to search) and get all available devices and their mac address automatically. From scanned result i should be able to pick up which devices I need to add into the WOL list. I'm using it to wake a Win10 desktop PC after I configured that PC to support wake on LAN.

Something that wasn't immediately obvious to me if you need to double click the computer for it to send the packet.

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