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We recommend that you seal your exterior concrete before the first two winters and then every 3rd year to increase the durability of your driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Concrete that is maintained properly, unlike most building materials, will gain strength and durability with age.

Download If moisture is able to pass through your concrete slab, it can cause problems such as odors and discoloration of the materials laid above it, like tile or carpet. Download Materials can be added to your concrete to make them more durable, strong and easy to work with.

They’re called supplementary cementitious materials and you can learn more about different types and uses by clicking here.

How to Increase the Durability of Your New Driveway An Owner’s Guide to Care and Maintenance of Exterior Concrete.A 5 gallon can of either brand of sealer will cover approximately 750 square feet.The sealer can be applied with a paint roller or by using a garden type sprayer.Download If additional water is needed to increase the slump of your concrete, this can be done on the jobsite.Please read this guide to be sure you are aware of the risks sometimes associated with doing this.

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Download For a concrete that can spread into place on its own and doesn’t segregate, look into using self consolidating concrete, or SCC.

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