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At the loft, Rufus, Alison, and Jenny decorate while Dan opens Christmas cards.

He finds one from someone named Alex, who writes for Alison to meet him on Christmas Eve.

They arrive at the rink and Roman decides to join Harold and Blair in skating, despite not knowing how.

At the cafe Vanessa works at, Dan reviews past 20 under 20 issues and thanks her again for submitting him.

She takes the opportunity to walk with Harold and he asks if Nate is coming to the party that night.

Blair says that he's in Connecticut with Anne but said he'd try to make it back in time.

Meanwhile, a man walks up to Eleanor and asks where the skating rink is, as he's taking his niece skating. Roman says that he was flirting with her, but Eleanor doesn't buy it.Dan realizes it's not a Christmas card and Rufus asks why he's writing to her.She promises that it's over and she has no idea why he's writing to her.She's then surprised by Serena, who comments on the giant candy canes she's carrying.Blair tells her that she and Harold get them every year as tradition and his flight got in 27 minutes ago.

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She gets into the cab as they agree to see each other the next night.

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