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A few minutes later, he took a turn off the freeway. No lights were working despite the fact that it was pitch black outside. He pushed her against the side of the car and fumbled for the belt. “ Whoa” she protested” This is not what I had in mind”.

The officer put the gun away and used his free hand to pull Megan’s hair, causing her to yelp again. She felt herself being picked up and then thrown into the hood. ********************************************************************* The drive probably took around 30 minutes. Now, as long as you are just sitting there, pay attention.

Intro: Kind of a continuation from my previous story. Please include your username in the emails so that I may answer you. And a beauty like Megan Fox did not come around every day. She made a little film of her own, videotaping Bay coming on to her and then having sex with her.

Any suggestions and requests for this or any future story are welcomed. He had a very successful career as a film director. Bay was not the first director to have slept with a young actress, nor would he be the last.

It took only a few minutes, but an orgasm started to build. When she finally achieved release, the intensity nearly made her black out. Once the orgasm hit, however, it was all for naught. In the occasional moments of clarity Megan heard Michael’s prophetic words playing over and over in her head:” I am in control, not you.” *************************************************************************** “She is certainly a feisty one” observed Mr. “How long do you think she will last before she talks? “It is only a matter of time before she gives you her little tape” reassured the rope master. Unlike My last one, this story is a multi-part series.

He body would spasm violently, making the clips and the weights pull even harder on her abused nipples. ”I would be surprised if she lasted more than a couple of days. If you have suggestions or requests for this or any future stories, please email me at search4aphrodite(at)hotmail(dot)com .

“Come on, get her inside.” Megan tried to let out another scream, to no avail. She was taken inside, her bound feet dragging on the ground. When she was taken inside the building, she felt the short carpet. “Now, let me enlighten you , you arrogant little bitch. The bra cups swung off to the sides, exposing the actresses perfectly round breasts.

She heard a door open, then felt her feet hit what appeared to be stairs. At the end of it she heard another door open, this one heavy and squeaky. It took Megan a few minutes to spit out the rags in her mouth. Megan let out another series of whimpers as her former lover used the same knife to tease the inside of her now exposed legs.

“It will be a lot easier on you if you cooperated, Mrs. We give you everything you want, all in hopes of getting sex. You will do what you are told, or you will be punished. “Oh yes, these will do nicely” Smiled Michael after the photo-shoot was completed. Next, her captor turned his attention to the girl’s nipples. “If you don’t move too much, you might get used to these” Michael said almost casually. Michael, apparently finished with the hardware stood next to the set up camera. I never expected you to be cooperative from the beginning. Michel walked up to the trussed up girl, gently brushing her chin and jaw with the back of his hand. The pleasure radiating from her pussy was intermingled with the pain shooting from her nipples. She did not know where pleasure ended and pain began. Megan tried putting her butt back down to lessen the intensity of the sensation. During the buildup, she would tremble due to the combination of anticipation and cold.“I will truly enjoy breaking her” Michael thought to himself.Megan was breathing heavily, but still managed to hurl a few unintelligible insults through her ball gag. It took her a few minutes to realize what her captor was doing.“What a pretty little picture” Michael said out loud. By the time Michael changed his position and set up or another shot, Megan figured it out. With a soft moan, the girl breathed a sigh of relief. He snapped a dozen or so photos, capturing the girl’s bound form from several different angles. Smith brought a camera and the tripod in the middle of the room.“No doubt it will fetch quite a price on the internet. She turned her head away before the second flash went off. Megan just sat there, tugging at her bonds occasionally, letting out a garbled verbal insult through her gag. While that was being set up, Michael produced a vibrator and tape. The business of the vibrator went right into the girl’s pussy. The hooks attached to the weights let her captor easily attach them to the nipple clips. Megan tried to shake her head no, but quickly found that the movement made the weights swing, tugging on her already tender nipples. “ With that, the director bent down and kissed Megan on the ball gag. Smith approached her and pushed a button on the vibrator.

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If he recognized who she was when he looked over the ID cards, her showed no reaction. ” “I don’t actually” Megan said, shooting him a cute smile. She was frustrated because the officer refused to listen to her. “Ma’am, it is a crime to bribe an officer of the law” responded the policeman.

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