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* Nikon camera report focus failure during capture. * Audio : Fixed handling when default audio device changes.* Arc : Fixed motion control jog all crawling (DMC-16) * Fixed DMX crash when setting keyframes from badge. * General : Fixed update check reporting on program startup. * Ani : Improved handling of capture attempt while already capturing. * Audio : Fixed audio change repaint in dmx, timeline, x-sheet. * Export : Fixed Window mp4 export memory leak and subsequent crashes. * Export: Fixed Pro Res export crash with certain output sizes. * Fixed live view stacking that was broken in last version. * Fixed Pro Res export failure with odd dimensions. * Allow for setting start frame to zero.* Added Canon EOS 5DS support. * Export: Fixed audio cutting out halfway through mp4 export (OSX).* Fixed crash with Auxiliary Monitor with no video source.* Fixed arc "Upload Move" to DMC-16 after scaling or importing move. * Fixed arc live view turning on when live key pressed.* DMX : Fixed DMX program disappearing from DMX tree view after rearranging exposures.* DMX : Fixed DMX lights coming back up after computer wakes from sleep.

* Fixed Cinematography display issue when Animation workspace was using live view magnification. * Cinematography: Fixed 3D calipers getting stuck off screen. * Mac: Fixed random freeze when quitting on OS X 10.10. * Win XP: Improve still camera detection and connection. * Export: Fixed movie export timing with decimal fps. * Cinematography: Fixed test shot thumbnail rotation when dragging. * Conform: Check disk space and report to user before conform.

* Potential fix for Windows mp4 export related crashes. * Fixed drawing vertical and horizontal hatches turning into crosshatches. * Fixed Manage Takes dialog not updating Delete button properly.

* Fixed camera test crashing when camera disconnects mid-test. * Fixed issues with updating start and end frames.* Added Canon EOS 70D support. * Fixed bug that crashes/freezes program on switch to cinematography workspace. * Fixed animation palette and Nav Line not showing up when entering animation workspace. * Fixed poor quality of Arc move test exported movie.

* Arc: Fixed numeric entry in different locales (use US style).

* Fixed missing increment editor buttons on Retina display (OSX).

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