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There are a couple of key indicators you can check.The first is that if you try to edit the EAP in Exchange 2007 GUI, you'll get a screen with this error - "Unable to edit the specified E-mail address policy.This means that if you run a one-liner like: Set-Address List "All Users" -Force Upgrade, nothing will happen.But what if you've created some special EAP or AL objects for your organization, over and above the built-in set of EAP and AL objects?E-mail address policies created with legacy versions of Exchange must be upgraded using the 'Set-Email Address Policy' task, with the Exchange 2007 Recipient Filter specified.": Another way to check that doesn't rely on the GUI is to issue this one-liner: Matching these characteristics, you've now got a sense of which EAPs need to have their filters upgraded.Another shortcut now that we've talked about the details is that you might just run a one-liner like this to get the consolidated list: Next step, how to do the upgrade on the default EAP (we'll talk about custom EAPs later in the post).

This blog post will talk about the steps you can take to upgrade your legacy LDAP filters to the new syntax, allowing you to upgrade your Address List and Email Address Policy objects to the Exchange 2007 object version.

Now you'll notice that there is a Recipient Filter property populated, that the Recipient Filter Type is "Precanned", and that the Exchange version has bumped to 0.1 (8.0.535.0).

Further, you may notice that you can no longer make changes to the recipient policy through Exchange 2003 ESM, although the Exchange 2003 Recipient Update Service (RUS) will continue to process these recipient policies just fine.

Force Upgrade parameter Many have noticed that there's a "-Force Upgrade" parameter on the Set-Email Address Policy and Set-Address List cmdlets.

Note that this parameter does NOT construct the proper replacement Recipient Filter for your object or do the upgrade.

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