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In total, the suspect spent about a half hour in the restaurant, according to timestamps on the video footage.

In April, Burger King tried to capitalize on the Google Home fad by releasing a TV ad in which an actor — dressed as a Burger King employee — asks Google what a Whopper is.

No contrary findings (indicating stronger sexual motivation among women) were found.

Hence we conclude that the male sex drive is stronger than the female sex drive.

The two were looking at jail time for the “obscene and disgusting” acts and both pleaded guilty in September.

Ultimately, in October, the couple was sentenced to 12 months of community orders (i.e., punishment outside of prison) and a six-month curfew, which prohibited them from leaving their houses between 7 p.m. The 31-year-old male, Craig Smith, was also sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

Picking up a large tea dispenser, Margarita tries to empty the contents on her former manager, who immediately hurls a completely different tea dispenser at Margarita. A young man, presumably Maria's son, can be seen trying to calm down the situation, only to be told by the manager that his "mom is about to get knocked out." FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS In November, a woman was caught climbing through the drive-thru window of a closed Mc Donald’s in Maryland.

And not only did she manage to steal an unattended purse, but she also got her hands on a soda cup and a large box of food.

RUSSIA TO DECLARE MCDONALD'S A 'FOREIGN AGENT' FOR MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS In July of this year, Officer Scott Naff of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries was allegedly denied service by a Mc Donald’s drive-thru worker who said, “I ain’t serving no cops.” The wife of the officer, Cathy Naff, later spoke out about the incident on “Fox and Friends": "My husband is one of the great guys and would have never treated this young man disrespectfully," she said.

Photo credit Yes, guys are hornier but the study also reveals many surprising tidbits which I'll post after the abstract: The sex drive refers to the strength of sexual motivation.

Across many different studies and measures, men have been shown to have more frequent and more intense sexual desires than women, as reflected in spontaneous thoughts about sex, frequency and variety of sexual fantasies, desired frequency of intercourse, desired number of partners, masturbation, liking for various sexual practices, willingness to forego sex, initiating versus refusing sex, making sacrifices for sex, and other measures.

He said that Crowe only accentuated his bad attributes and gave cool things he had done to other characters, such as ordering a pizza during class - that was done by Jeff Spicoli in the film but done by Rathbone in real life.

Crowe said he worked diligently to "disguise" all the characters and give them mixed personalities so as NOT to point to anyone specifically. See more » Almost 22 years after it's release – this movie still remains to be great.

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WARNING: The following video contains explicit language. This past July, a former Taco Bell employee in Converse, Texas, went about the simple task of picking up her last paycheck from work.

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