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Elena writes pretty good English, interspersed with smiles ;-))), and has a good vocabulary of colloquial English.When queried, she said she and her brother went to a school which taught English.This is the true test though, she should have given a street address and did not.During this time I learned a lot about online translators, Russian people, attitudes and lifestyles and immigration law. There were many believable ones, but no improvement in our communications happened, even after I managed to get an email account on This thread is about public transport in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

I had sent 0 for her visa but told her I will send her a ticket and that she did not have to purchase it herself.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if a city like Chelyabinsk has nearly universal car ownership these days, and definitely much higher than in 1990.

The order and time of reception of citizens (physical persons), including representatives of organizations (legal entities), public associations, and also order of consideration of their appeals is approved by Regulations of Chelyabinsk Administration.

Metro construction in Chelyabinsk was officially stopped one and half year ago or so (like in Omsk and Krasnoyarsk), now they only spending money in order to support completed tunnel sections in necessary conditions.

The population since 1990 has only grown by about 7%.

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After further querying she stated it was a universal language of business - and I could agree that this would make sense.

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