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A Teenage Spy in British India: Reading Kipling's Kim HITO 87 A00 Section ID: 927878 Schneewind, Sarah ([email protected]) Rudyard Kipling's best-selling novel _Kim_ (1901) is a thrilling spy story and portrayal of India under British rule that turns out to have drawn on real events Kipling knew about because of his work as a journalist.

We will read the novel itself, Edward Said's mendacious Introduction to the Penguin edition, and adventure journalist Peter Hopkirk's _Quest for Kim_.

We will examine films such as This is Not a Film, Sweetness of Spirit, Battleship Potemkin, LAge d Or, The Bohemian Girl, Clockwork Orange, Goldfinger and others.

Cursory look at enigmatic cult film classics from 1950 to today.

This seminar is about how film can reflect and change our lives.

We will discuss movies such as: I Love you, Beth Cooper, American Beauty, Sliding doors, Seventh Seal, Happiness, La Dolce Vita, Taste of Cherry, Do the Right Thing, Christmas Story and others.

Early enrollment is encouraged due to the small class size.

Visit the Schedule of Classes to see enrollments (select all departments and 87.) Use Web Reg to enroll in seminars during your enrollment period.

Incoming freshmen with sophomore standing should use the campus Course Pre-Authorization system to be cleared to enroll in a seminar and then use Web Reg to enroll in seminars during your enrollment time.

Emphasis will be placed on understanding the different types of stem cells and model systems, current techniques, and applications in muscle. Who has to do it, who doesn't, and what kind of politics might be built out of compassion? 11, 18; Feb 1, 8 Why does everyone need to know how computers work?

Medical Technologies and the Public BENG 87 A00 Section ID: 930508 Gough, David ([email protected]) Location: PFBH 291 Wednesdays, p.m. Seminar will meet 1/17, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21 2/28. Meeting Location: LGBT RC, Conference Room Learning Computer Science -- The Teaching Opportunity EDS 87 B00 Section ID: 927869 Simon, Elizabeth ([email protected]) Location: PCYNH 440 Thursdaus, p.m. How can we use knowledge of how brains work and how people learn to support students in learning how to program?

3/7, 3/14 Medical technologies such vaccines, imaging devices, telemedicine, and genomics are playing an increasing role in medical care. How do we support students with diverse backgrounds in learning to think computationally?

The public stands to benefit from these technologies and ultimately finances them, yet there are many difficult issues with this arrangement. Mighty Microbes: Their Lives and Times BILD 87 A00 Section ID: 926046 Saier, Milton ([email protected]) Location: AP&M Prime 3880 Tuesdays, p.m. Seminar will meet Jan 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, Mar 6, 13 Microbes comprise 99% of all the life forms on Earth. This seminar is for those interested in how to teach computing.

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This seminar offers an overview of the topic, providing an historical perspective and an introduction to contemporary issues, including the legacy of exclusion and discrimination and the struggle for inclusion, equal rights, and opportunity.

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